Canvas – A True Charisma!!!!!!!!!!

Canvas, the hot button of recycling world! It is so highly valued that many recycling textile banks exist specially for Canvas and they collect Canvas.

You may wonder, Why so much importance for Canvas?

First of all, it is the mere nature of the material. The nice thing about Canvas is that it is quite heavy that it can be used as a recycled fabric at many places that demand heavy and long lasting material. They are durable even as yacht fabricators, if you like to see from commercial point of view. They can also be used for residential purposes and assist you doing tough jobs by becoming garden gloves. These are just basic examples. You may find them useful in almost every place and point. Where ever they are reused, they will be sturdy enough for many years. So, is the versatility and durability of Canvas!

Well, we here at Conserve India love anything that is recyclable. We have always given our Fashion touch to anything that is recyclable.

Do you really think we would have left canvas behind?

Of course not! If you have been an ardent reader of the blog, then we are sure you love our animal collection. In this animal collection , we have capitalized the versatility of Canvas and created hand embroidered motif on upcycled canvas. And those beautiful wallets became everyone’s favorite.

Hold on there! More creative Canvas Collection will be up here soon!



Travel fashionably with Felt Accessories !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you an environmentalist and travel freak or simply a fashionable traveler ?

Then we have something special  for you. Some special accessories to accompany you

1) Up-cycled Felt + Tube Duffel Bag


2) Up-cycled Felt + Tube Carry on/ Passport Bag


3) Up-cycled Felt + Tube Wash Bags




Felt for Fashionistas

Of late, Felt grabbed too much of attention. To the uninitiated, Felt is a textile produced by matting, condensing and pressing fabrics together. But we here at Conserve India have soft corner for Recyclables. So, we will be looking “Felt” from that point of view.

Not recently, Felt has always remained as “everyone’s favorite”. This is quite visible from the innumerable places it has been used. It is used in automobile industry, home construction, musical instruments, paintings etc.

Immense use also means immense “quantity” available for Recycling or specifically Up-cycling for folks here at Conserve India. Another nice thing about the Up-cycled felt is that it is so versatile and can be used to create variety of products like bags, fashion accessories, home interiors etc. The versatility is also extended to the technical aspects as Felt can be stitched, embroidered, glued, dyed  etc.

Sounds Interesting right?

You are asking for Up-cycled Felt Collection. We can hear that. They will be up here soon. Watch this space!!!!!!!