Sari Makeover!!!!!!!!!!!

Contemporary Fashion Designers utilize every chance to re-fashion the good old humble sari.  When we got our hands on bunch of discarded sarees, how can we be left behind ?

At Conserve India, we like to think out of the box.  We added 3 reclaimed wooden poles to the slab of discarded sarees. The end product was this scintillating stool with recycled sari seat and reclaimed wooden legs

So, do you have new ideas to use the discarded sarees ?


Best Associate of July 2015!!!!!!!!!!!

Conserve India is really honored to share the name of Best Associate of July 2015 – “Ms. Karuna Singh – Director, Earth Day Network India ””

We like to thank Ms. Singh for her valuable contribution to Conserve India. It was such a pleasure to work with her. Look forward to associate with her very soon in the future.

And, Ms. Singh is not a new face to our ardent blog readers. The first acquaintance happened HERE

July 2015

What to do with the loads of discarded sari?

Sari is one of the most revered symbol that is associated with grace and elegance.

A product that is usually much loved and used tends to find huge space in dumpster too.

So, what to do with the loads of discarded sari ?

Well, at Conserve India we like to innovate and create some quintessential Pouf like this one below.

So, do you have any new ideas to use the discarded sari?