Journey ahead for Conserve………….

“An idea is like a play. It needs a good producer and a good promoter even if it is a masterpiece. Otherwise the play may never open; or it may open but, for a lack of an audience, close after a week. Similarly, an idea will not move from the fringes to the mainstream simply because it is good; it must be skilfully marketed before it will actually shift people’s perceptions and behavior.”  – David Bornstein

The man himself, David Bornstein, author of How to change the world – Social Entrepreneurs and Power of Idea asserts the importance of producer and promoter.

The past of Conserve India & Conserve HRP has proved that it has one of the most efficient producers. The past success will speak for itself about its best producer.

Now it’s the turn of the promoter to prove the mettle.

With an awesome producer, the play or this social innovation has opened up. Now, if the promoter doesn’t do his job efficiently, it may close for a lack of an audience.

Similarly,The intelligent producer has established this play or the social innovation in fringes.

Now, to move this idea from fringes to mainstream (aka) online shops, undisputedly mainstream of today, it need to be skilfully marketed.

Well, if you glanced our January newsletter, you should be already well aware of our goals for 2014.

We intend to become a social media junkie.

All this to be a good promoter and skilfully market our product from fringes to mainstream and hence shift people’s perception and behavior to buy more recycled goods and fair trade products


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