Journey so far – what was the strategy for the success of Conserve India & Conserve HRP ?

For the uninitiated, a business strategy is the means by which it sets out to achieve its desired goals. Generally, a business strategy will cover a period of about 3-5 years.

For conserve, it is a successful journey of more than a decade.  So, there should be some super powerful strategy. What is that?

Business Strategies can be categorized into 2 main entities namely – Generic and Competitive

Generic strategies

This is further categorized.

Growth – It is nothing but the expansion of the company in form of business or technologies or products. Here, Conserve achieved this through establishing the business arm or Conserve HRP and also through the patent of the products

Globalization – It can mean different things to different business. For Conserve, it meant selling their products in Fair Trade shops across Europe and America and also through many green online shops.

Sticking to Knitting – Does it sound like Greek or Latin? No worries, It means staying with the business you know so that you can concentrate on that company and build it up to the best it can be. Well, that’s what Conserve did at every stage. We started it as an experimental project. When we got a hold, we created an NGO. Finally, when we become a pro, Conserve established a business arm in addition to the NGO.

Competitive strategies

It is a no-brainer. They are only 2 ways either sell your products at a lower cost than your rivals or differentiate your products from those of rivals.

Conserve chose the 2nd option of differentiating our products from those of rivals.

In 2013, Conserve sensed that we need a boost – something extra. A collective decision was made to peruse printing. Our Visionary and also the Creative Director, Anita Ahuja worked her creative muscle in artworks and finally we used these as prints on Conserve products. It ultimately differentiated Conserve’s range from that of the competitors.


The world knows that, all these strategies made Conserve as one of the most successful social innovation. Its been here for more than a decade. And, it will be here in future too with lot more accolades.


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