Cherished Moments

Our previous post gave all of us and more importantly to our Visionary & Creative Director, Anita Ahuja some really good nostalgic feeling.

The previous post reminded us about a well cherished and well treasured moment.

All of us here at Conserve were elated and honored when our visionary Anita Ahuja got an invite to speak on “Creating Green Jobs in USA” for Clinton Global Summit.

And that day came very soon!

But, the crowning glory was that epic moment………………..

A student raised a question – “As a social entrepreneur, when did you feel a sense of security?”

Our Eloquent Creative Director Anita Ahuja replied – “Never. We live on an edge. But there are moments, moments like these when you feel secure, feeling you have arrived.  But it’s fleeting”

At that very moment, there he was The Honorable Bill Clinton with a ‘thumbs-up”

Most revered moment for all of us here at Conserve.

But true, it was past, a well cherished past.

Tomorrow there will be yet another moment to admire and embrace.

An articulate former Californian has created a spell-binding article from her New York table.

Literary feast is waiting

Make sure you come again tomorrow!


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