Ingredient Branding – A good recipe for Social Enterprise?

A snowy snoozed Saturday starts with a reheated Friday leftovers while closes off with a fresh warm brownie. Thanks to Betty Crocker Warm Delights Microwavable Hot Fudge Brownie!

So, if you are a sluggish freshman or a thrifty tom with sweet tooth or an amateur baker who swears by Warm Delights Hot Fudge Brownie then Ingredient Branding is no stranger to you.

For the uninitiated, Ingredient branding is a concept of using a renowned brand as an ingredient/element in the production of another renowned brand.  Also, a concept of brand equity!

Ingredient Branding: Making the Invisible Visible – Kotler & Pfoertsch is undoubtedly a real good authority to speak on this topic.

Can Ingredient Branding really make the invisible visible especially in terms of Social enterprise?

We need to explore that.

Our business forte is creating fashion accessories from trash. We sell the end product at upscale fashion markets around the globe.

In our case, a potential Ingredient Branding partner can be a high-end Fashion designer. Let’s say, they can use our Handmade Recycled Plastic (HRP) as an ingredient to create quintessential designer product.

Sounds super-fun and simple right! Is it so in reality?

Nope, not always!

So, what are the challenges for the Social enterprise?

1)      With the amount of ‘green’ floating around, there is a potential chance that famed designers can use ‘YOU’ for a publicity gimmick by adding jargon like limited edition.

2)      On those same lines, well celebrated designers may not even push this product (the one made from your ingredient) into the market. They may just be displayed for press meet and not for sales.

The list may even be longer. This list is not intended to hurt any sentiments directly or indirectly, but just to show the various possibilities that can impact a Social enterprise emotionally and financially.

Does that mean Social enterprise cannot make it big in terms of classic Fashion World?

Of course not!

Our very own Creative Director Anita Ahuja spends her day in slums or in our up-cycling factory.  She lives too far away from fashion so are our craftsman. Still we are sell-able in high-end boutiques around the globe without the help of celebrated designers.

What is the secret?

Simple, we take the help of smart and intelligent design interns of the most reputable universities like Lyon School of Design – France and London College of Fashion – UK.

Those well informed design interns know the shape, color, style and ultimately help us upgrade to the fashion target. Plus they come from Fashion capital.

Just think, even today’s well celebrated designers were once a student and intern

On a closing note, Let me assure you – Our doors are open to any high-end designers, so are our arms to embrace them.  Pinky Swear!

Make sure, you change our opinion. Immediately, we will assign a new task for our blog editor.


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