Social Media – a side or an entree for the splendid Social Enterprise?

Tom keeps tapping his iPhone rigorously. He is either posting on Facebook or tweeting or repining the Pinterest images

He does that irrespective of rain or shine. His sleek iPhone enables him to work day and night continuously

Tom earns his bread and butter as a Social Media expert.

Is Social Media a side or an entree for the splendid Social Enterprise?

Answer is in-fact hidden in the prologue of this post.

Social Media never sleeps. Like Tom, You need to keep your audience engaged rain or shine. And larger part of this world remunerates its employees on hourly basis.

The primary purpose of Social Enterprise is common good. In that case, spending exorbitant funds for the Social Media Expert to keep the audience continuously engaged is not a real possibility.

You may think – What about interns?

Very true interns are great resource for any Social Enterprise!

Interns generally stay for 3 to 6 months. Then the transition to a new intern does not happen so easily in Social Enterprises.

That “brief gap” has the potential to impact their Social Media presence negatively.

It may be a different story when an intern agrees for the future partnership programs. It may or may not happen as it is solely based on that intern’s ethics.

Having said all these, at the moment, Social Media is just “a side” for many Social Enterprises around the world.

With time, it has potential to become “an entree”

But, if you are one of those who argue – “Social Enterprises certainly cannot succeed globally without the help of Social Media”

Then we need to agree to disagree.

In our very own case, with limited Social Media presence, we have participated and are participating in many acclaimed international exhibitions like –

  • Ambient – Frankfurt
  • Fier Milano
  • Hong Kong Leather Fair
  • NY NOW (Very soon in Feb ‘2014)

What was our strategy?

Very Simple, We take the help of good old and most reliable E-mail. On those lines, have you ever heard someone saying that I got out of email?

But, it’s quite common to hear “I left Facebook, twitter etc”. We are not trying to prove anything with those verses. Just trying to show the other side also!

Of course, we remember, People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

On that note, along with our email session, we did whatever we can in terms of Social Media presence. And we are proud of that even if it is a miniscule.

It is not late. Even now, you can become our fan and like us on Facebook.

Your innumerable likes on a short term will make us work on a new strategy to increase our Social Media presence and keep all of you engaged.

Simply put, you the readers have the potential to make Social Media as “an entree” for Social Enterprise like us.

Still, if you are not convinced and go about saying – “It’s a wake-up call for Social Enterprises”

Then we would like to assure you that snooze button does not exist for Social Enterprises.


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