What’s on the menu – Honey Sweet / Salty / Spicy?

Almost every day or every minute, a restaurateur caters to folks with different taste palette.

“Something with a dash of salt, Please”

“Hmm, I prefer honey sweet”

“Well, I will go with bitter-sweet”

Being a Social Enterprise that deals with recycled fashion accessories, we imagine ourselves as restaurateur sometimes.

Our consumer segments make us feel that way.

Roper survey1 divides “green consumers” into groups.  Our day to day experiences make us attest and applaud the Roper survey.

Kim tirelessly shops around “Eco-markets” for her fashion hunger. Our recycled fashion accessories like Angel, Bliss are her top picks. No doubt, we love her the most.

Roper Survey will label Kim as “True-Blue green”.  The ones with strong environmental values and take it upon themselves to create a positive change.

Our own Pam, diehard shopper does not run around for “green” stuff.  But if she sees something as sensual as our Seat Belt Tote – Beehive, her buying decision is not based on dollars and pennies. She immediately grabs that. Well, we love her too.

According to Roper Survey, Pam is a “Greenback Green”.  They are not politically active. But has the willingness to shell out the extra change.

Then we have Sam or Samantha, attentive participant of every green campaign.  But when she eyes our Dreams Satchel, her brain immediately does a reality check in terms of green dollar bill.  And, we don’t blame her.

Sam is a perfect example of”Sprouts”, the term Roper Survey would like to use. These are the ones who believe in environmental causes in theory, but not in practice especially if it means spending more.

Geek Pat, for whom the world does not exist beyond gizmos! Will grab our tablet folder as long it is in the shelves of tech shop.

This Geek will come under “Grousers” of Roper Survey.  Grousers are uneducated about the environmental issues and believe green products are way too expensive

Finally it is Nerdy Nat for whom the world exists in a different galaxy.  Nat is aware of our products only if it is displayed in the aisles of big-box shops amongst many more.

Roper Survey says Nat is a “Basic Brown” or someone who does not care about the environmental or social issues

Being a Social Enterprise, we need to keep everyone in our loop.

Why on the earth?

Each and every one of these consumer segments can be labelled as our potential revenue driver especially when they buy our products regardless of their reasoning.

These revenue drivers in turn help us to achieve our primary purpose – “common good”.

Rather than complaining the consumer segment as a hindrance for our social good goals, we like to take the help of distribution channels to achieve the same.

We stock our products in green stores for the convenience of “True-blue greens”.

You can find us in upscale boutiques to appeal “Greenback Greens”.

Our products are beautifully seated in discounted stores, so that we don’t miss “Sprouts”.

One can hear – “Pick me up”, Tech accessories of Conserve in midst of so many gizmos that catches the attention of “Grousers”

Teeny-Weeny space for our recycled fashion accessories in those huge big-box stores! We just wanted to make sure we don’t miss “Basic Browns”.

Regardless of your taste palette – sweety/salty/spicy, we have a sumptuous meal at your disposal. Make sure, you visit us to experience the bliss.

1 – You can read more about Roper Survey here – http://www.greeneconomics.net/Ottman-Chap2Consumers.htm

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