Marketing Mix – Mixed Green Salad of many P’s

Boiled Pasta mixed with Potatoes, Peppers, Peas dressed with Pesto Sauce!

Doesn’t sound like a delicious mixed green salad of many P’s?

But, let’s introduce you to even more delightful mix of many P’s also known as Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix consist of 4 components namely – Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

Ginsberg and Bloom of Green Marketing Strategy1 opine that “Extreme Green Marketing Strategy” involves heavy use of greenness on all 4 elements of marketing mix.

Yes, we completely agree with that statement and live by that.

Still couldn’t agree?

Then see for yourself!

1) Product – It is the tangible good.

Our Products are “recycled fashion accessories”.  The production process is 100% environmental friendly. We use only recycled packaging. Even more, the product itself a recycled one! Can there be more greenness?

2) Price – It is the value of the Product.

The real values of our Products are efficient waste management, clean environment and sustainable planet for the future generation. Can there be more greenness?

3) Promotion – It is the method of communication to the target market.

We reach our audience through email or Social Media or e-flyers or e-newsletters. We are not the ones with billboards or posters or paper flyers. Can there be more greenness?

4) Place – It is the place / location to look for the Products.

We mostly sell our Products through Eco-stores or green-stores. They are our majority distribution channels

Being a Social Enterprise with an inherent duty to work on social good, we are compelled to sell our products through big-box stores or mainstream channels too.

But we always made sure that our motto of social good does not harm the environmental good.

Hence we chose only those mainstream channels that are good examples of environmental stewardship and sold/sell our products through them.

According to Ginsberg and Bloom of Green Marketing Strategy2, the sale of green products through main stream channel is one of the distinguishing characteristics of Shaded Green Marketing Strategy.

In terms of Marketing Mix, Shaded Greens are different from Extreme Greens only in the aspect of Place, as they sell through main stream channels.

So, maybe it’s the “Shaded Green” inside us that prompt us to sell through mainstream channels also. Of-course only in addition to the Eco-stores and green stores!

But still, if you complain that we are not complete green solely based on that, then we like to say…..

“The green ball is in your court”

Will each and every one of you out there make a resolution and change as “True-Blue Greens” or “Greenback Greens”?

At the very moment, we will become Extreme Green and distinguish ourselves from the Shaded Green in terms of Marketing Mix.

Do remember, your gesture will not only do environmental good, but also social good by empowering many more rag-pickers.

1 & 2 – Sourced from


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