Are Trade Shows “2-sided coin” for Social Enterprises ?

The presence of some famous designer labels is mind-boggling.

You can find those labels in their own quintessential brand store. These labels will be up for display in upscale boutiques.  They will share the aisles of big-box stores. Last but not the least; consumers can grab these labels in trade shows too.

At times, Social Enterprises like us feel that we are no different from these famous designer labels.

In the sense, we sell our products through retailers, specialty boutiques, big-box stores or wholesalers.

And saving the best for the last, we too participate in trade shows.

Though not always, often times these trade shows are more of a “2 sided coin” to Social Enterprises.

During the last quarter of 2013, we exhibited at NGO ASIA EXPO 2013.

Check it out here –

Conserve  is the first/top post. In their own words – “Conservation with fashion always works!! These amazing Eco-friendly bags were quite popular at NGO Asia Expo 2013”

All these words made us proud. No doubt!

But, still it’s a “2 sided coin”.

Not just because it cost us to participate and make us go through our usual rambling of social good vs. trade show.

There is something more to it.

For us, this platform was not just to promote our products. We expected that it will present a networking opportunity with corporate world. At the end of the day, corporate footfalls were very few.

Not just engineers, even Social Enterprises always see the glass as half full!

True to that, during the event, we networked with at-least one – Max Hospital. That opened doors to the collaborative health care project.

This collaboration will achieve medical camp for 100 children and also vaccination, medical supplies for general health

It is a well known fact that we have been effectively contributing all these years for 1 of the 8 United Nations Millennium Development goals – “To ensure environmental sustainability”

And this Max Hospital collaboration ultimately gave us a feeling that we started contributing in some sort to one another United Nations Millennium Development goals – “To reduce child mortality rate”

After all, A Journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.

On that same note, very soon we are about to start a journey of 1000 miles.

Come again tomorrow to know all the scoop!

This post did not give us any change for cappuccino. Meaning, it is not a sponsored post.  It’s just the opinion of the author.


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