Brand Essence of Conserve

Smiling sunshine and a cup of Starbucks Cappuccino!

Undoubtedly, rewarding everyday moment!!

More Aptly, “Starbucks – Rewarding Everyday Moments” or Simply put “Brand Essence”

In simplest terms, the core characteristic that defines the Brand or Brand’s promise expressed in lucid term is known as Brand Essence.

Brand Name – Conserve

Features & Attributes – Environmental Friendly and Socially Responsible Fashion Accessories

The fashion accessories are created from trash (i.e.) intelligent waste management and the production process involves ethical treatment and fair wages for one of the most vulnerable rag-picker community.

Logical Benefit – By using Conserve, you are helping to create a Sustainable Planet

The Conserve fashion products are created from trash which ultimately helps to combat the land pollution by managing the waste effectively.

So, Your consumer choice does not pose harm to the planet.

Just think, pollution has created too much negativity. Regardless of who did what, everyone suffers from the harm effects. Almost everyone in California suffers from the bad effects of Air Pollution on regular basis regardless of their contribution.

Emotional Benefit – By using Conserve, you are empowering rag-picker community.

The Conserve fashion products involve rag-pickers as employees during the production process. Along with the ethical treatment and fair wages, profit is also reinvested for the benefit of rag-pickers through capacity building, health care facilities, school etc.

So, Your fashion sense does not pose harm to anyone instead empowers a community.

Just think, Leather Accessories pose harm to animals and destroys the Eco-system. By using that to complement your fashion, you are portrayed as someone who is hurting many sentiments directly or indirectly.

Brand Essence – Environment and Social Good infused Fashion



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