Best Associate of January 2014 – Rebeca Schiller

“Best Associate of January 2014” – Rebeca Schiller, online editor of Hand/Eye Magazine

Congratulations Rebeca Schiller!!

Conserve got acquainted to Rebeca Schiller as an editor working on a magazine article covering Conserve in lieu of New York Now 2014.

Somehow Conserve missed Rebeca’s email asking for an interview. She was so sweet to write us once again by assuming we might have missed the e-mail.

She was so adaptable that she did the whole interview in email by sending well thought out questionnaires. Also she started out with our Creative Director and adapted to our intern for later stages with no complaints.

Rebeca wanted some pictures for the article. With some communication gap, holiday season and scattered work force, pictures did not reach her at stipulated time. But she was calm and compost until things got resolved.

Also Rebeca had certain specification in terms of Captions. It was little beyond our scope. So, she suggested Plan B. Finally, she created extraordinary output with the resources at disposal.

The bottom line is that working relationship with Rebeca Schiller was so appreciable and pleasant.

Conserve is honored to felicitate Rebeca Schiller with “Best Associate of January 2014”

Once again, heartfelt Congrats from all of us here at Conserve Family.

You can reach Rebeca here –

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