Best Associate of February 2014 – Sandy Grason

We are honored to felicitate Ms. Sandy Grason, Editor-in-Chief, Unreasonable Group as Best Associate of February 2014.

Congrats from all of us here at Conserve!

Also, Thanks for posting Mr. Ahuja’s video in the Social Media at right time. It was such a pleasure to work with you.


Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair (IHGF) Spring 2014

Last week around this time, we were super busy interacting with customers, finalizing whole sale orders etc.

It was such a pleasure meeting our long time customers.

We got acquainted to few of those customers at this very same Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair [ IHGF ]. We have been exhibiting at IHGF for quite a long time and its always been a special experience for us.

Event – IHGF Spring 2014

When – 17 to 20 February 2014

What’s so special this time ?

IHGF 2014 celebrated the arrival of spring and its fresh energy and vibrancy, colors became the protagonist, weaved its way through textures, patterns, embellishments and undertones. Pastel shades moved along the side by culminating in surprising burst of bright hues, with emphasis on prints.

As consumer demand for ethical products increases, the global market for green design grows.

New innovative green design led sensibilities in craft transcend into exclusively dedicated Eco-friendly creations, green manufacturing, ethically sound and fair trade fashion. After all, the rising awareness on environmental and social issues with the co-emergence of cultural consumerism sprouts out green fashion as the most important trend in today’s fashion. As such, it has created new network niche meaning responsible business is here to stay while preserving and protecting natural resources.

Thanks to Global Education Fund!!!

We established a School named “Shiksha Shakti Gyan Kendra” in May 2012 as a baby step to improve the lives of rag-picker children living in poverty through education

As of January 2014, it plays a huge role by changing the lives of 100 kids – sons and daughters of rag-pickers.

These kids just do not receive education. This school is more of an access pass for food, clean water and immunization to all these kids.

We were so glad that we could play some role in empowering the future generation too.

And, we were elated, when we bumped into “Global Education Fund (GEF)”

After all, the mission of GEF is “To improve the lives of children living in poverty around the world through education.”

Today it was such a real honor for Conserve – Kathy Bartlett, Executive Director of Global Education Fund & Boli Medappa, Board Member of Global Education Fund visited “Shiksha Shakti Gyan Kendra”.

Thank you – Kathy Bartlett & Boli Medappa!!

It was such a pleasure.

We really value your visit. Once again, thank you from all of us here at Conserve Family.

We look forward for the long and fruitful relationship

Mission of GEF sourced from

Meet our lovely loyal customers!!!!!

In our Radical Marketing post, we talked a lot about our long lasting customer.

 So, how about acquainting them to our readers?

 Without any further ado, meet our lovely loyal customers who have been with us forever

 1)      Elpuente – Germany

 Angela Lepa sourcing manager of Elpuente – Germany saw our recycled plastic products in a trade show – World Shop Fair at a stall of one of our buyers.

 Well, she loved them and started searching for us. Finally she met us 4 years back in 2010.

Since then she has bought many of our ranges. What’s more fascinating about Angela Lepa is that she loves to experiment. She always adds a couple of our Creative Director Anita Ahuja’s experimental designs to her catalog.

They are one of the biggest whole sellers and sell our products to about 1000 shops in Germany

Do check them here –

2)      Globo – Germany

Globo found out how popular our stuff was.  And, they came looking for us. They are with us since two years.

Their generosity needs a very special mention.

Globo helped our school “Shiksha Shakti Gyan Kendra”.

Last year, heavy rain damaged the roofs and walls of the school. Ultimately led to leaking and posed huge problem in regular functioning of the school.

Globo generously donated 60, 000 INR for the repairs. Their generous gesture helped around 100 children to continue their education without any hindrance.

 Do check them here –

 3)      Lama Li – France

David and his wife Isabella, designer are one of our most loyal customers. They have been with us since 2005.

Thank you is not just enough for David & Isabella’s support. We are so indebted to them.

Still, Thanks a million David & Isabella. We love you!

Do check them here –