SOURCE Brand Preview 2014

One of our interns attended the SOURCE Brand Preview 2014 and shared all the scoop.  Here is a sneak peak  of the 2 day event.

What ?

SOURCE Brand Preview is a trade show that showcases more than 160 sustainable fashion brands across the globe.

When ?

It happened on 04 and 05 February 2014.

Where ?

The speciality of this trade show is that it is completely online or virtual. Well, there was also ticketed VIP launch event in London on previous night. The virtual show was offered as a freebie for all the invited guest through standard registration process.

How ?

The whole virtual show happened through the standard Citrix platform. The whole event was structured in such a way that there were series of 1 hour webinars throughout the 2 day period.  One hour slot was allotted to one domain of ethical fashion. Those grouping was done very smartly like prints, bags, scarves, jewellery etc

During that 1 hour, 10 minutes slot was allotted for every brand. In those 10 minutes, moderator gave a presentation focusing that particular brand. It was followed by a Q & A session.  Everyone including media folks, buyers etc are allowed to raise questions. Questions on specifics that can be answered only by the brand representative were also entertained. It was very good knowledge sharing session of ethical fashion, fair trade, building brand etc.

All the participated brands shared their contact details, which is indeed appreciable.

Bottom line

For the sustainable fashion brands, it is one of the most intellectually stimulating and not to miss networking opportunity at the comfort of their couch.

It is not sponsored post. All the opinions are that of the author.


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