Winners of Tablet Folder & iPhone Folder Giveaway – Congrats Winners!

Conserve is very happy to announce the winners of the Tablet folder & iPhone Folder Giveaway. Congrats Winners! We are really happy for you.

Tablet Folder Winner – Rohan Jain, NMIMS – MBA

Rohan Jain, NMIMS – MBA – No, waste to fashion projects must not be given CDM financing. Waste to energy projects are reducing pollution, clean source of energy and an alternate source of the ever increasing demand for energy. Fashion products are luxurious products, not reducing carbon emission and a premium can be paid by customers

iPhone Folder Winner – Vikram Singh Thakur, SIMSREE – MMS

Vikram Singh Thakur, SIMSREE – MMS – Success of any brand is built upon the edifice of trust. In case of ethical brands, trust is inherent as they are defined by a set of values that we tend to live by. Transparency about the working relationships and their operations with integrity further reinforce the “Trust Factor.”

Apart from winners, there were few notable entries that deserved special mention, we certainly value their participation.  Here are their entries, as a small gesture to thank them.

Kunal Anand, IIT – Kharagpur – MHRM – Unless the demand for branded products decreases, we won’t see any decline. Instead, we may see brands insisting on better working conditions for workers due to the media attention on the Bangladeshi building collapse that led to death of many workers and earned bad publicity for big brands.

Rajat Agarwal, J.D.Birla Institute of Management – BBA – Yes, a marginal decline will be seen in those brands as economies are moving towards an environment where products are tailor made for the consumers. Mass production won’t help.

Gaurav Abnesh Kulshrestha, IIM –Shilong – PGP – Yes, Since recycling waste into fashion products result in reduced need for new products which lowers the emissions in that process. Also CDM objectives that mandates for a project to be financed, recycled fashion products are actually carbon neutral and are contributing towards the sustainable development of society.

Karthik Krishnan, Pune University, M. Tech – Reuse-Recycle-Reduce being the  hottest topics for countries & the corporate world in the 21st century ; CDM Financing & Subsidies would encourage investment in  Waste into Fashion Technologies ,enhancing R & D ,Employment opportunities ,Sustainable Development & enhance commitment to Greener earth on a global scale in a long way.

Rishabh Mehta India has large youth population which drives fashion trend of artists (actors). Approaching middle age, fashion trend will be driven by politics- more associative age group and relative parameter for the politically aware man.

Neeraj Kakkar -Yes a social brand can be more effective than designer brands as the emotions, love, passion towards culture have no value, the sentiments attached with social brand is trust and faith that creates customer royalty so that he does not move to other fancy, costly, colorful designer brands



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