Thanks to Global Education Fund!!!

We established a School named “Shiksha Shakti Gyan Kendra” in May 2012 as a baby step to improve the lives of rag-picker children living in poverty through education

As of January 2014, it plays a huge role by changing the lives of 100 kids – sons and daughters of rag-pickers.

These kids just do not receive education. This school is more of an access pass for food, clean water and immunization to all these kids.

We were so glad that we could play some role in empowering the future generation too.

And, we were elated, when we bumped into “Global Education Fund (GEF)”

After all, the mission of GEF is “To improve the lives of children living in poverty around the world through education.”

Today it was such a real honor for Conserve – Kathy Bartlett, Executive Director of Global Education Fund & Boli Medappa, Board Member of Global Education Fund visited “Shiksha Shakti Gyan Kendra”.

Thank you – Kathy Bartlett & Boli Medappa!!

It was such a pleasure.

We really value your visit. Once again, thank you from all of us here at Conserve Family.

We look forward for the long and fruitful relationship

Mission of GEF sourced from


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