Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair (IHGF) Spring 2014

Last week around this time, we were super busy interacting with customers, finalizing whole sale orders etc.

It was such a pleasure meeting our long time customers.

We got acquainted to few of those customers at this very same Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair [ IHGF ]. We have been exhibiting at IHGF for quite a long time and its always been a special experience for us.

Event – IHGF Spring 2014

When – 17 to 20 February 2014

What’s so special this time ?

IHGF 2014 celebrated the arrival of spring and its fresh energy and vibrancy, colors became the protagonist, weaved its way through textures, patterns, embellishments and undertones. Pastel shades moved along the side by culminating in surprising burst of bright hues, with emphasis on prints.

As consumer demand for ethical products increases, the global market for green design grows.

New innovative green design led sensibilities in craft transcend into exclusively dedicated Eco-friendly creations, green manufacturing, ethically sound and fair trade fashion. After all, the rising awareness on environmental and social issues with the co-emergence of cultural consumerism sprouts out green fashion as the most important trend in today’s fashion. As such, it has created new network niche meaning responsible business is here to stay while preserving and protecting natural resources.


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