Bag Review – Courtesy of Hobo Bag Giveaway Winner Ms. Cass Sudduth from Houston – Texas

Our Hobo Bag Giveaway winner Ms. Cass Sudduth from Houston – Texas was gracious enough to send this review and picture.

Thank you Cass! We are honored.

Over to Ms. Cass Sudduth for a honest review……

I love Conserve India & Conserve HRP’s products! I love that they recycle and put unused items to good use. I have one of their Hobo Bags and absolutely love it. When I first opened my package I could smell the rubber. That is to be expected since it is made out of tires. The smell doesn’t stay long after the purse has been aired out some. So you don’t have to worry about carrying it and smelling like rubber. There is only one thing that I am having issues with and that is the opening of the purse. I think the reason it doesn’t open up a lot is because of the material and am sure it will loosen up as time goes on. Don’t let that one set back detour you from getting one. The quality is very good and I was surprised when I read that they were handmade!! The quality and look of this purse you would expect to pay a lot more than what they are priced. I love the fact that these are great purses and at a price that everyone can afford. Thank you for such a great product!! – Cass Sudduth



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