Women’s Day 2014 Guest Blogger – Ms. Fiona Wright of The Stitiching Project, Rajasthan, India

Based in rural Rajasthan, India! She and her husband share their farm house with a camel and assorted menagerie. Their day job is “The Stitching Project” dedicated to ethically creating textiles and women’s work locally. In their spare time they share their love for textiles through their small travel company Creative Arts Safaris.

Thank you Ms. Wright for honoring Conserve India & Conserve HRP with your this gesture.

Over to Ms. Wright…………….

A great honor being asked to be a quest blogger at Conserve India. Inspiring change is a topic to enjoy contemplating and then the reality hits …what do I say???
Inspiring Change is a vast picture in my mind…do I talk about India?
I was a yoyo visitor for many years and ever few months since when I arrived I saw so much had changed, somethings admittedly you would grumble about and yet even the slow wheels of Government here do so much more in the way of changing than I was witnessing in my home place of Australia. Now I have settled with my husband in rural Rajasthan and watch out the window the workings of village life.
Do I still think there is change ? Yes, perhaps, maybe but so slow.
The feeling – so much that needs to be done, who will do it, why not government, why not locals …why not me?
Being exposed to India I have come across so many inspiring stories- top of the list is Gandhi as a role model for modern India, what more do I really need to say than to quote him “BE the change you want to see in the world’
Modern day ventures like Barefoot College, Sadhna, Gramshree, Udayancare, Conserve India has an abundance of those who have been inspired to create change in their part of the big picture and worked diligently to bring it about.
how did any of these start? Someone was inspired to bring about a small change and they kept working and working at it.
Living in rural Rajasthan, finding myself and my husband embarking on a similar path…..don’t worry we are very small babies compared to the endeavors of these giants. I look and wonder on hard days how do they do it?
And need to remind myself of the saying [ cover your ears if your are vegetarian or think of a really big coconut??]
“How do you eat an elephant? One small bite at a time!! Dahdah”
All any of us can do is be inspired to change, start with ourselves, personally, what can we do better, more of, improve?
How can we spread that out a little further in our interactions with those around us, what choices can we make to ensure a positive impact on others. Think of how the food you eat is produced, the clothes you wear are produced, where do the by-products of these things go?
You don’t need to fix the world, just work on your small corner and let the effect ripple out from there.
Do what you do and enjoy, do it in a way that is fair and equitable to others, no need to pontificate over it simply let it happen and others will follow you example along.
Inspiring change is a small thing each of us can personally address in small ways in our daily life each and every day.
Get on with it and enjoy
-Fiona Wright

One thought on “Women’s Day 2014 Guest Blogger – Ms. Fiona Wright of The Stitiching Project, Rajasthan, India

  1. I love your MOTTO . Do your little part – each one of us. The bigger picture will come thru.I admire you and your Work. Keep going! Cheers! Great Job!


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