Women’s Day 2014 Guest Blogger – Ms. Anita Ahuja, Creative Director of Conserve India & Conserve HRP, New Delhi, India

Women behind this empire Conserve India & Conserve HRP.  A Multifaceted personality – writer, artist, designer, Social Entrepreneur.  Most of all warm and loving person!!

Thank you Ms. Ahuja for brushing your strokes in this space.

Over to Ms. Ahuja…..

“Inspiring Change” – Well, where do I start? I see so many of them around me everyday.

Early 2007

Geeta – A Rag-picker

A Rape victim abandoned by her parents and lived on streets. She earned her bread and butter collecting trash from streets of Delhi. Her street living and her dependence on contractor made her vulnerable to all kinds of abuse.

Mid 2007

She started working as an employee of our company.  We trained her in quality control.

Personality – A calm and aloof person! Yes, you heard it right. It’s been many years, she has stopped speaking.

March 2014

Geeta – A Responsible Factory Worker, Happy Wife and Doting Mother

Today she is a responsible factory worker in our factory. She is married and very happy with her husband. Job and Kids are her another set of joy. And, her children go to school.

Personality – She speaks fluent Hindi and has cultivated a sense of humor.

Women are more challenged because of their circumstances – patriarchal society , male child syndrome , physical stamina, societal pressures etc. All this boils down to low opportunities and lower self esteem  

It’s time to get them out of the vicious cycle. Education, be it any kind – soft skills, technical skills and financial literacy can do wonders and create new age leaders, who are hard to defeat

Yes, every woman can become a leader and model for other women. Every Woman is an Inspiring Change for someone out there!

Happy Women’s Day

-Anita Ahuja


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