Management Problem and Innovative Solution Series – Color Tutorial for Conserve India Employees

Management Problem – Conserve India employees do not recognize the names or shades of colors and Hindi Language do not have names for shades of colors

Problem in Detail – When Conserve India forayed into the plastic project, We realized that color of the plastic bags play a huge role. Unfortunately, employees did not know the names of the colors. They came from different states/ villages. So they spoke different dialect or different language in some case.

Even if they speak Hindi the names of colors are very limited in Hindi. This language does not have names for shades. There is no name for mauve or coral in Hindi.

Since we produce for Fashion Industry, shades are very important.

Innovative Solution – To solve this management problem, we have named every shade of color on a Bollywood star. After all, this is one vocabulary everyone knows. To further aid that, we created a album. You can find the link below.

This album  is used for “Color tutorial for Conserve India Employees” in the training Center


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