Management Problem and Innovative Solution Series – Involvement of School children in plastic bags collection

Management Problem – Collecting specific colored plastic bags

Problem in Detail – Handmade Recycled Plastic (HRP) is the base for almost all our products. But, to create handmade recycled plastic sheets we needed specific colored plastic bags. On one side, we were getting large number of orders. On the other side, rag pickers were not trained to pick the specific colored plastic bags from the streets.
Since we produce for Fashion Industry, colors and shades are very important.

Innovative Solution – To solve this management problem, we ran campaigns in schools to help us collect the specific colored plastic bags. It may look like a simple one. But in reality, it serves 2 other purposes apart from helping us to collect specific colored plastic bags to fulfill our orders.

First and foremost, it creates waste management consciousness in school children. Secondly, it creates a thought process in students that waste can be used to create something productive.

Glimpse of Campaign




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