Management Problem and Innovative Solution Series – Washing Plastic Bags

Management Problem – Washing Plastic Bags

Problem in Detail – Handmade Recycled Plastic (HRP) is the base for almost all our products. But, to create handmade recycled plastic sheets, plastic bags need to be spotlessly clean. It is obvious that plastic bags picked by rag-pickers will be immensely dirty. So, they need to be thoroughly washed. Washing plastic bags may sound simple. But the magnitude of our orders was so huge. This translates into exorbitant amount of plastic bags that needs to be washed. Since we did not have a washing unit the plastic bags were initially washed on the roadside.

Innovative Solution – To solve this management problem, we encouraged residents to share their roof tops. Many residents generously did oblige.
On lighter side, a cartoon was published in The Times of India on May 8, 2003 by Mr. Lakshman. Have a look at the cartoon.



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