Best Associate of April 2014

April 2014 was indeed a busy month for Conserve India. Having said that, we had a chance to interact with so many people around the globe. We are honored to felicitate 3 exceptionally talented and lovely folks with  Best Associate of April’ 2014 award.

  1. Ms. Caroline Palluch – Director, OxAID – Oxford Associates for International Development C.I.C.
  2. Ms. Cindy.H.Robert  – Consultant, OxAID – Oxford Associates for International Development C.I.C.
  3. Ms. Roohi Khanna – Consultant, OxAID – Oxford Associates for International Development C.I.C.

OxAID created “UK – Brand Launch Strategy” for Conserve India. The contribution of these 3 exceptionally talented people was brilliant.

Congrats from all of us here at Conserve India!

Also, Thanks to each and every one of you for your valuable contribution to Conserve India. It was such a pleasure to work with you. Look forward to associate with you very soon.


Importance of Positioning Strategy for Social Enterprises

Positioning Strategy, an inherent concept of Marketing is often times taken for granted. It is vital for every organization, more so for Social Enterprises.

For the uninitiated, positioning strategy involves creating an image of your product in the minds of your target audience.

It is quite important for Social Enterprises with limited Marketing Budget. Because a single meaningful, targeted positioning strategy has the potential to maximize the impact of your marketing budget by conveying a consistent image of your product.

So, how do you position your product?

It can be done either through Product Based Positioning Strategies or Usage Based Positioning Strategies

Product Based Position Strategies

1) Position by Product Difference

Say in case of Conserve India, the unique product feature is its upcycled material with high end aesthetics that was produced from the waste through pollution free patented technology.

2) Position by Key Benefit

Say in case of Conserve India, Key benefit offered by our bags is that it provides cutting edge fashion to socially and environmental conscious customers without compromising their ethics

3) Position by Problem Solving Ability

Say in case of Conserve India, Apart from providing cutting edge fashion to Eco & Social conscious customers, the bags are produced from trash. This innovative use of trash helps a great deal in intelligent waste management.

Usage Based Position Strategies

1) Position by Users

Say in case of Conserve India, Up-cycled Bags of Conserve India are fashion answer to Environmental & Social Conscious people , animal lovers (provides alternative for conventional leather) or anyone who appreciate Fashion with Conscience

Having said all these, Do you still doubt the potential of targeted positioning strategy?

Push vs. Pull

A while ago, folks participated in trade shows to let word out about their products. But, today is that all available to promote your product?

Nope, there are too many options. There are options based on your business model – retail vs. wholesale.

If yours is a wholesale model, you are traditionally expected to use Push Marketing. Push Marketing, a promotional strategy that involves taking the product directly to the customer via whatever means and ensuring that the customer is aware of your brand at the point of purchase.

A Trade Show participation or negotiation with retailers to stock the product etc are classic example of Push Marketing.

On the other hand, if yours is a retail model, you are traditionally expected to use Pull Marketing. Pull Marketing, a promotional strategy with the idea that people will find your company because your company was able to build a successful brand

Social Media Promotion is a classic example of Pull Marketing.

Switching gears, do these traditional expectations prove right in today’s generation?

Answer is flat No!!!!!

It’s after all information overloaded age. People are talking about Attention Economy. In that case, Business needs to use every possible opportunity to get the product literally into consumer’s head.

Today Businesses are compelled to use both “Push” as well “Pull” strategies. They cannot remain back with the thought that we have established our Brand, so Pull Marketing is all we need and customers will find us. In this Brand crowded world, it is so very easy to lose your Brand Identity, so are your customers.

Using both Push and Pull marketing together is the need of the hour.

Just take our own case, we regularly participate in Trade Shows (Push Marketing). But, we also equally concentrate on our Social Media Promotion (Pull Marketing).

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