Introducing the Non- Profit Board of Directors of Conserve India on 100th Post

Regardless of the huge magnitude of growth, Conserve India has its origins as Non-Profit Organization. It has grown leaps & bounds and emerged as Social Enterprise with Conserve HRP, the business arm.

The Non-Profit wing of Conserve India has well established Board of Directors. The board assembles for 3 monthly meetings to review all the activities and future plans.

Today we have reached a milestone in blog – 100th post.

On this joyous occasion, as a honor, we like to introduce the Board of Directors of Non-Profit wing of Conserve India. After all, we started as Non-Profit Organization.

  1. President – Ms. Anita Ahuja
  2. Financial – Mr. Maldeep Sekhon
  3. Educational – Ms. Smiti, Mr. Badshah & Mr. Ahmed
  4. Capacity Building – Ms. Sunita Bhasin
  5. Health Care – Dr. Shipra Jain
  6. Administrative – Mr. Amit Kumar

Our heartfelt thanks to each and every Board of Directors for their commitment to Conserve India





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