Hello HRP – Handmade Recycled Plastic !!!!

Over the years, we have participated in numerous exhibitions, trade shows etc. Our trade shows participation keeps increasing, so are the number of questions on HRP – Handmade recycled plastic.

At the moment, we are participating in 3 trade shows back to back. Having said that, time is at its best for a HRP post.

Let’s dive in!!!!!!!!!

So, What is HRP ?

The polythene bags that are picked up from Delhi’s street every day are recycled. We call this recycled material by the name – “HRP -Handmade Recycled Plastic”. Conserve India has developed a environmentally benign process that converts waste polythene bags into thicker sheets. We named these sheets as “HRP – Handmade Recycled Plastic”

These sheets have properties that are significantly different from the original thin film poly-bags that are picked by rag-pickers. Our innovative HRP sheets can be stitched, embroidered upon and woven to create a variety of marketable products out of trash.

Sounds exciting right!

So, how do we produce that?

It’s a 4 step production process. Plastic bags are washed, dried, mixed with fabric and pressed into handmade recycled plastic (HRP)  through these processes.

  1. Step 1- Plastic bags are collected, washed, dried, and separated by color
  2. Step 2 –A machine presses the plastic bags into thick and durable sheets,
  3. Step 3 -The sheets are cut, lined with cloth, and stitched or molded.
  4. Step 4 –The finished products go through quality control and packaging

Is there any value addition? Yes, Indeed!!!!!

  1. Environmental Friendly – Compared to conventional recycling process, our HRP process uses much less energy and also causes no pollution
  2. Waste Management / Environmental Friendly – Our HRP process also helps reducing the environmental problems caused by plastic waste.
  3. Patented Process – Conserve India has acquired “patent” for this process – “A process for conversion of polythene to sheets”. The patent was issued at Delhi on July 17’ 2006 to inventors Mr. Shalabh Ahuja, CEO, Conserve India & Ms. Anita Ahuja, Creative Director, Conserve India

Well, If you still have Q, give a buzz using the contact form in the blog, we will leave no stone unturned to answer your question



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