Survival of the fittest of the Digital Marketing in Attention Economy

Few decades ago, you need to wait for news. But today, every minute there is some new news waiting for you. Truly, an Information overloaded age!!!!!!!!!! Often the very first phrase discussed when talking about Attention Economy.

To the uninitiated, Attention economy is a concept that argues human attention is very limited and hence uses different approach to solve the issues concerned with information management.

Today marketing or promotion is all about Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is all about information (information about product, price etc) management both from the point of view of consumers as well as marketers.

Having said that Attention economy argues – “People no longer read, they just skim”!

In that case, How do you share information ? How does Digital Marketing survive?

  1. Pictures – In the Attention Economy, Picture is literally worth a thousand words.
  2. UX Design – User Experience Design has the potential to take the pictures to the next level by holding the attention
  3. Apps – Another essential of Digital Marketing in Attention Economy, an extraordinary potential to leverage sales

All these 3 together have the potential to make the AIDA process success.

Pictures grab the A – Attention

Best User Experience Design creates I- Interest & D – Desire in the product.

Apps enable the A- Action or Shopping to purchase the product.

It may or may not sound like a big deal. But for a Social Brand, it is undisputedly important afterall they are already fighting for customer’s attention amidst mainstream competitors


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