Best Associate of June 2014

Conserve India is really honored to share the name of Best Associate of June 2014 – “Ms. Beth Inabinett, Ashoka Volunteer Coordinator”.

We like to thank Ms. Beth Inabinett for her valuable contribution to Conserve India. It was such a pleasure to work with her. Look forward to associate with her very soon.

And, Ms.Inabinett is not an new face to our ardent blog readers. The first acquaintance happened here.



Common Recyclable Materials

The Environmental Protection Agency list Common Recyclable Materials under 5 categories Paper, Glass, Plastic, Metals and Compostables. We here at Conserve India like to show you some innovative products that can be created using the very same common recyclable materials listed by EPA.

1) Category Paper – Newspaper Shopping Bags


2) Category Plastic – Satchel using Plastic Milk Pouch


3) Category Metals – Tin Plates Side Table


Must have Kitchen Accessories for Animal Lovers or Environmentalist or for anyone who loves innovation!!!!!!!!!

The advocates of Environmental Vegetarianism tend to practise vegetarianism for the sake of conservation, sustainability etc. Many animal loving folks tend to become vegetarian or vegan abandoning all meat products, dairy products etc. The foodies of both these groups tend to come up with recipes that not only appease their taste palette, but also gratify their moral or ethical values.

How about eco-friendly accessories for cooking/baking those innovative as well as ethical recipes?

1) Oven Mitt created using Woven TubeImage

2) Oven Mitt (Long) created using Woven Tube


3) Oven Mitt created using Seat-belts and Tube


4) Oven Mitt (Long) created using Seat-Belts and Tube


Well, these lovely accessories will be “the” choice of True Blue Green Consumer segment as well.


Are Discarded Bicycles Eco-Friendly ?

Bicycles (Bike) has always been regarded as the most environmental friendly mode of the transport. But what about the discarded Bicycles ? Are they recyclable ?

Well, why don’t you make your own conclusion after looking at our teeny weeny portfolio here ?

1) Discarded Bicycle Tube + Reclaimed Wood = Stool


2)  Discarded Bicycle Tube + Tube = Stool


3) Discarded Bicycle Rim + Reclaimed Wood = Decorative Barrel


Do you agree that even Discarded bicycles are Eco-Friendly ?

The Magic of Reclaimed Wood Continues…………

Today we all talk a lot about “Environmental Friendly” or “Eco Friendly” or “Green Buildings” or “Green Homes” and what not ?

Technically speaking, folks were so “Green Building” conscious long ago. Yes, it all happened way back when they started using “Timber”. Till day, Timber is considered as a construction material that has provided largest environmental saving.

But, Why are we talking about Timber? After all, title talks about Reclaimed Wood.

Well, Reclaimed Wood is the reincarnation of Timber. Air Dried and Beautifully Seasoned Old Timber becomes quintessential Reclaimed Wood.

Using Reclaimed Wood for construction can earn credits for LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Even if you are not environmental conscious, you can use Reclaimed Wood for other reasons like exceptional strength, stability and durability.

Also, if you build Green Home / Green Commercial Building, make sure you use this or the one below. We are sure your choice will be appreciated.


Well, even if you are not planning for Green Home / Green Building, you can decorate your home / office with these lovely collection. We are sure these Reclaimed Wood collection will add more charm to your home / office.

Top 3 Poof, Must have Interior Range!!!!!!!!

It’s raining Green Homes, Green Buildings, LEED Certified buildings etc. In that case, How can Interior Range take back seat in terms of greenness ?

1) Seat-Belt Poof Square


2) Seat-Belt Poof Round


3) Tube and Seat-Belt Poof



Is Recycling business domain sustainable ?

There are so many fabulous products like this that amuses people and make them ask – “Was this really created from recycled material ? “

Often times, it will be followed by another Q – “Will these recycled designs and products sustain for long period?”

This whole scenario may even sound like this post. In reality, it is so very difficult to convince those folks and we need to come up with too many factual explanation.

Over to the factual explanation – It is undeniable that our recycled products are best talked for their designs. But, we also strongly believe that it is undeniable that recycled deigns and even this industry will sustain for very long time.

All those folks who are aware of “Design to Recycle” or “Design for Recycling” concepts isn’t going to question the sustainability of recycled products from business point of view.

For the uninitiated, “Design to Recycle” is a concept that advocates producing new products using easily recyclable materials or materials that will be commercially viable upon recycling.

As much as this concept is campaigned, it is also put to use in reality.

Basically products are being designed taking the “recyclable quotient” into consideration. In that case, does it make any sense to question the sustainability of recycled products industry from business point of view ?

Tips to market the green product successfully

1) Position the green products based on their inherent mainstream benefits

 A very important pointer, you may have created the product innovatively, but larger part of the world is interested in benefits that the product will serve the customer. Highlighting the benefits is so crucial in this current attention economy.

In the fashion accessory post, the product was stylish green innovation. But, any prospective customer will tend to catch the benefit – “fashion accessory or stylish necklace” first and may later grasp the fact that they are made of Handmade recycled plastic [HRP] .

2) Educate the practical value of the green product

 Somehow larger part of the world assumes “green” products do not serve any purpose other than portraying the product owner as environmental idealist etc. To get them out of the loop, first they need to be educated that even green products have practical value

 Say even in our yesterday’s post, the product was once again a real green innovation. But to make the product successful, customer needs to be educated that a green innovation like this also has a practical value (i.e.) storage

Must have fashion accessories for him & her!!!!!!!!!!

Presenting the most trendiest and must have fashion accessories for him and her

1) For HIM – Belts created from Handmade Recycled Plastic [HRP] + Faux Leather


2) For HER – Hair Clips created from Handmade Recycled Plastic [HRP], Lovely choice for animal lovers


Have you shopped these trendy collection ?

Do “recycled products” have the potential to become valuable commodity?

Almost every nook and corner, we get to hear that “new recycled products are displayed” or “some innovative recycled products were created”

Immediately we often get to hear – “they are just passing clouds” or “these products are not here to stay”

Is that true that “recycled products” do not have the potential to become valuable commodity?

Well, the answer is – “They are here to stay and no doubt in that”

What really is “recycled product”?

Recycled product is a new innovative product that was itself considered as waste or created from something that was considered as waste.

We are all aware of Asphalt, an important component of buildings and even many newly laid roads of recent years. But, do you know Asphalt was just the “waste” product of petroleum distillation ?

The same “waste product of petroleum distillation” wooed everyone as soon as it was spread on the leaky roof for the very first time. And of course it became a valuable commodity.

Similarly, saw dust was just a “waste” by-product of lumbar. But the very first time, when a particle board was made innovatively from the very same “waste” by-product of lumbar, it made everyone speechless. And even this became a valuable commodity.

Having said that, every “recycled product” has the potential and will become a valuable commodity! Maybe few products take time to create a niche for themselves. But it will not be wrong to say that recycled products had and will have bright future.



Tree Planting and World Environment Day – What’s your take ??

Over last few years, tree planting has become synonyms with World Environment Day. We have this on one side. While on other side, folks say – “it’s almost impossible in big cities with residential apartment system”.

Well, if you are one of those, then we like to ask you – “Why don’t plant a sapling in your high rise apartment ? ” After all, we have recycled planters made specially for you.

1) Planters – Innovatively created from discarded tubes


2) Planters – Innovatively created from Banners


3) Planters – Innovatively created from tea-sacks