Do “recycled products” have the potential to become valuable commodity?

Almost every nook and corner, we get to hear that “new recycled products are displayed” or “some innovative recycled products were created”

Immediately we often get to hear – “they are just passing clouds” or “these products are not here to stay”

Is that true that “recycled products” do not have the potential to become valuable commodity?

Well, the answer is – “They are here to stay and no doubt in that”

What really is “recycled product”?

Recycled product is a new innovative product that was itself considered as waste or created from something that was considered as waste.

We are all aware of Asphalt, an important component of buildings and even many newly laid roads of recent years. But, do you know Asphalt was just the “waste” product of petroleum distillation ?

The same “waste product of petroleum distillation” wooed everyone as soon as it was spread on the leaky roof for the very first time. And of course it became a valuable commodity.

Similarly, saw dust was just a “waste” by-product of lumbar. But the very first time, when a particle board was made innovatively from the very same “waste” by-product of lumbar, it made everyone speechless. And even this became a valuable commodity.

Having said that, every “recycled product” has the potential and will become a valuable commodity! Maybe few products take time to create a niche for themselves. But it will not be wrong to say that recycled products had and will have bright future.




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