Tips to market the green product successfully

1) Position the green products based on their inherent mainstream benefits

 A very important pointer, you may have created the product innovatively, but larger part of the world is interested in benefits that the product will serve the customer. Highlighting the benefits is so crucial in this current attention economy.

In the fashion accessory post, the product was stylish green innovation. But, any prospective customer will tend to catch the benefit – “fashion accessory or stylish necklace” first and may later grasp the fact that they are made of Handmade recycled plastic [HRP] .

2) Educate the practical value of the green product

 Somehow larger part of the world assumes “green” products do not serve any purpose other than portraying the product owner as environmental idealist etc. To get them out of the loop, first they need to be educated that even green products have practical value

 Say even in our yesterday’s post, the product was once again a real green innovation. But to make the product successful, customer needs to be educated that a green innovation like this also has a practical value (i.e.) storage


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