Is Recycling business domain sustainable ?

There are so many fabulous products like this that amuses people and make them ask – “Was this really created from recycled material ? “

Often times, it will be followed by another Q – “Will these recycled designs and products sustain for long period?”

This whole scenario may even sound like this post. In reality, it is so very difficult to convince those folks and we need to come up with too many factual explanation.

Over to the factual explanation – It is undeniable that our recycled products are best talked for their designs. But, we also strongly believe that it is undeniable that recycled deigns and even this industry will sustain for very long time.

All those folks who are aware of “Design to Recycle” or “Design for Recycling” concepts isn’t going to question the sustainability of recycled products from business point of view.

For the uninitiated, “Design to Recycle” is a concept that advocates producing new products using easily recyclable materials or materials that will be commercially viable upon recycling.

As much as this concept is campaigned, it is also put to use in reality.

Basically products are being designed taking the “recyclable quotient” into consideration. In that case, does it make any sense to question the sustainability of recycled products industry from business point of view ?


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