The Magic of Reclaimed Wood Continues…………

Today we all talk a lot about “Environmental Friendly” or “Eco Friendly” or “Green Buildings” or “Green Homes” and what not ?

Technically speaking, folks were so “Green Building” conscious long ago. Yes, it all happened way back when they started using “Timber”. Till day, Timber is considered as a construction material that has provided largest environmental saving.

But, Why are we talking about Timber? After all, title talks about Reclaimed Wood.

Well, Reclaimed Wood is the reincarnation of Timber. Air Dried and Beautifully Seasoned Old Timber becomes quintessential Reclaimed Wood.

Using Reclaimed Wood for construction can earn credits for LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Even if you are not environmental conscious, you can use Reclaimed Wood for other reasons like exceptional strength, stability and durability.

Also, if you build Green Home / Green Commercial Building, make sure you use this or the one below. We are sure your choice will be appreciated.


Well, even if you are not planning for Green Home / Green Building, you can decorate your home / office with these lovely collection. We are sure these Reclaimed Wood collection will add more charm to your home / office.


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