Is Tetra-Pack Recyclable ?

Tetra-pack is around you right from the time you wake up till the time you go to the bed. Yes, you heard it right. Milkcan, Processed Dinner Packages etc are mostly made of Tetra-pack.

But, Is this Tetra-Pack recyclable ?

Yes, they are. Since, they are made up of a mixture of cardboard, plastic and aluminum they need to be collected separately. Upon collecting and separating the three materials, these cartons can be recycled into envelopes, plasterboard liner, paper carrier bags, broom handles, roof tiles and even garden furniture.

We at Conserve India also carry Recycled Tetra-Pack Products. Our collection includes but not limited to Mouse-pad, Memo-pad, Coasters, Pen Holders etc. Have a look!!!!!!


Recycled TetraPack




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