Retailing – Final Stop or Beginning?

Retailing is often perceived as last point in the distribution channel. But is it so in reality?

Many retailers are also wholesalers. There are certain retailers who sell products to customers as well as businesses. Then there are these small scale retailers who sell products in wholesale to freelance sales person. So, it is almost clear that Retailing is also another new beginning.

But from the producer point of view, It is very important to choose the retailer wisely.

Location – Is the retailer’s shop located at business district or shopping center or in some place that will attract consumer?

Density of Competition – Is the retailer is closely spaced to the producer’s competitor? If yes, does our product have any better edge to perform in spite of competition?

It’s just the sample of the consideration list. And the list may include many other pointers depending on the business and the product

Having said all these, do you still think retailing is a final stop?

It is indeed not. It is actually a beginning.

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Is Distribution really a simple affair?

Distribution, process of moving the finished goods from producer to seller!

Sounds simple right! But is it so in reality?

Firstly the producer has the obligation to get the right product to the right place at the right time. This is so very vital for the company to sustain.

This makes it clear that distribution requires too many evaluations.

One good evaluation will be – “Are there any ‘must be in’ channels to distribute the product?” or “Can you find ‘ignored’ channels NOT to distribute the product?”

This evaluation will help very much to streamline the distributors and move the products to market that have highest potential in terms of sales.

Another evaluation process will be to distribute the product to the target market.

This distributor calculation will help overcome 2 important problems – ‘too many stores and you cannibalize’ or ‘ too few stores and you waste money on advertising’. Needless to show, too many stores as well as very few stores does not do good any good to the company.

At this point, it should also be clear “Distribution” is not a simple affair.

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Top 3 Persistent Elements of Social Enterprise

1) Unmet Needs plus Innovative Solution

Many times, this element becomes the starting point of almost every Social Enterprise. An unmet social need solved by an Innovative Solution often becomes the seed of many Social Enterprises.

For example, our own journey started as an experiment to manage the waste that wasn’t regulated by the concerned authorities. And our innovative solution of converting the trash into high end upscale fashion accessories became a hit. So, is our Social Enterprise!

2) Social Benefit plus Entrepreneurial Behavior

Not everyone likes to work for a cause or a social benefit. The percentage of these folks is quite less. It takes even more to succeed in this mission. Well, Entrepreneurial mindset is vital to make the social mission successful.

In our own case, the entrepreneurial mind bent of the founders made the local experiment to grow into a successful Social Enterprise with 2 social benefits namely intelligent waste management and empowerment of vulnerable rag-pickers. Simply put, 1 Entrepreneurial Venture 2 Social Benefit!

3) Social Purpose plus Financial Sustainability

Once you get used to luxury, you always yearn for it. Similarly, any solution should have long term viability. One important factor to achieve that is sound and steady Financials. Hence most of the Social Enterprises work with market forces to achieve financial sustainability.

Here at Conserve India, we do variety of things to make us financially sustainable. We participate in trade shows; appreciate word of mouth marketing and of course we have our lovely loyal distributors who have been our bread and butter for past 15 years.

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Responsible Marketing

Responsible Marketing is an intrinsic value for every business. On that note, there are certain businesses wherein Responsible Marketing is the lifeblood.

For the uninitiated, Responsible Marketing is a term used when marketer places high value upon one specific criterion. An important consideration that every marketer should think of is – “Whether our product has the capability to provide the best interest of the society in the present as well as in the future. Responsible Marketing places emphasis on the fact that profit should not be the only motto of the business. Social and Ethical Values should also be equally considered. These considerations are broadly termed as Responsible Marketing.

But this Responsible Marketing is a broad umbrella term that constitutes many sectors namely cause related marketing, green marketing etc.

Social Enterprises are the businesses wherein Responsible Marketing is the lifeblood. Or in other words Social Enterprises mostly carry out every form of Responsible Marketing like cause related or socially responsible or green marketing etc. One good example to explain this concept will be Social Enterprises like us- Conserve India where Green Marketing, Cause Related Marketing are integral part. To close off, almost all Social Enterprises fall under the category of businesses wherein Responsible Marketing is the lifeblood.

Introducing Food Ladder India!!!!!!!!!

Here, when we felicitated Kelly McJannett we promised for updates.

As promised, here we go!!!!!!!!!

We are extremely happy and proud to introduce “Food Ladder India”. Food Ladder India, an International Alliance is a partnership between Conserve India and Food Ladder, Australia

Through this alliance, Food Ladder India will manage all manufacturing for the organization’s food security solutions and also provide employment outcomes for the very poor living in the city’s slums. Another advantage of this International Expansion is that it will reduce the cost associated with logistics and also will increase Food Ladder’s capacity to meet demand for the food security solutions around the world.

And to close off, Conserve India is very excited to work in this project. We also owe big thanks to Kelly McJannett, Director, Food Ladder!!!!!!!!!!!!

Word of Mouth Communication

A personal informal communication in which customers share about the product is termed as Word of Mouth Communication in the Marketing World. In this digital world, word of mouth communication has taken a new dimension. Today a word about a product can be spread through different channels like online forums, blogs, web stores review forum etc. Of course there are specialized places like, etc.

The special thing about “Word of Mouth” communication is that it helps both producer and consumer mutually. Every producer creates a product with the sole intention of getting customer endorsement. Technically, “Word of Mouth” communication does that.

As far as consumer is concerned, customer finds a product trustworthy, only if it endorsed by a fellow customer. After all, “Word of Mouth” communication does that.

On that note, if you are a fashion blogger, do contact us here.

We will surely consider collaborating with you for a review

Viral Marketing in Digital World

A true dream for every marketer! A while ago, “word of mouth” used to be a common strategy for Viral Marketing. But the digital world presents immense opportunities for Viral Marketing. Email, Facebook, YouTube Videos etc are deemed to be quite result oriented or in other words has the potential to create successful campaigns.

In our own case, we do email marketing. One example is our Monthly Newsletters. Often times we get overwhelming response. It is so exciting to see your patrons forwarding the monthly newsletter to their friends and family. On that note, if you haven’t signed for our email campaigns, please do so here

Facebook plays a vital role in our Viral Marketing Campaign. We have been creating innovative storage for quite awhile. But one such Facebook Post went viral. Well, the results being umpteen fans for our storage options. On that same note, if you loved our storage collection, watch out! After all there are more to come!!

Makes a Statement…………

“Makes a statement”, an important lingo in Marketing! But the importance is thousand folds more in case of Green Marketing.

If a product is perceived by the customer as “Makes a statement”, then it is sure sign of product success.

The importance is so much stressed in case of green products because customers often imagine green products as something that is “added characteristic”. So, often times it loses the essence of green products in consumers mind.

A very good example to explain this will be Toyota Prius. So many hybrid cars entered and left the market. But Toyota Prius was the only one that made a mark and stayed.

What is the reason?

Even the ones who lost in the market place were equipped with fuel efficiency, controlled smog emission etc. The only difference is that all those lost ones were just made as “add-on” to an existing car model. But in case of Toyota Prius, it was built as “Eco-Car” from the scratch. This special feature made it distinctive. Hence created a notion “Makes a statement about me or proud to be driving an automobile icon of green”. The very fact was also confirmed by a recent study.

There is another example closer to home. Accessories made out of “Auto Rickshaw scrap” have got much attention lately. One of our collections has won many hearts. The reason being our “Auto Rickshaw Collection” is solely made out of scraps from Auto Rickshaw. Hence it created a notion of “Makes a Statement”