Monthly Monday Book Review for August’2014 – Marketing

It’s first Monday of August. Time for Book Review!

Enjoy the Book Review with steaming hot coffee.

Book Name – Marketing

Author –  William Pride and O.C.Ferrell

Official description of the Book

Pride and Ferrell’s MARKETING, combines a thorough overview of essential marketing principles with a visually engaging, reader-friendly presentation. This popular, proven text and a full range of supplemental learning resources (including podcasts, videos, and an interactive marketing plan) provide students with the knowledge and decision making skills they’ll need to succeed in today’s competitive business environment. MARKETING 2010 includes coverage of current marketing strategies and concepts, as well as extensive real-world examples, including material on globalization, customer relationship management, supply chain management, and the latest e-commerce models. The new edition also incorporates important topics drawn from the rapidly changing world of modern business, including social and environmental responsibility, entrepreneurship, and pop culture marketing.

What’s in the Book?

It is divided into 8 parts – Marketing Strategy & Customer Relationship, Environmental Forces, Social & Ethical Responsibilities, Using Information Technology and Target Market Analysis, Customer Behaviour, Product Decision, Distribution Decision, Promotion Decision and Pricing Decision. Each part is further divided into 2 to 3 chapters.

What I liked the most?

  1. I love the fact that a complete part is allotted for Environmental Forces, Social & Ethical Responsibilities. It is true that Green Marketing is highly discussed. But in reality, large space is rarely devoted for this subject.
  2. The next thing I liked the most is that under Green Marketing, they talk about Green Buildings etc. Basically they handle the green marketing subject with respect to the green buildings also. Often times people handle this only from a retail prospective in a Marketing Book.
  3. It is quite impressive because even though the book talks about “Marketing” as such. They have dealt the subject in all angles including responsible marketing, something that is once again rare.
  4. The inclusion of case studies of companies that adapted to “green consumerism” is brilliant
  5. Last but not the least, even though the book talks about every kind of marketing, green marketing and related topics is something that you can find in almost every chapter of this book.

Did you know?

During the year 2010, 5 billion pounds of Polyethylene terephthalate [ PET ] were used in plastic containers and of that only about 1 billion pounds were recycled.

What was the surprise?

Fairmont Resort Hotels serves to three shades of green consumers. One such initiative is offering earth friendly conference meals.

Verse to remember

“I am not a Plastic Bag or Maybe I am Plastic Bag” – Part 7

Crowning glory

Every girl loves to own all fashion brands in the world. But there is this special dress that she loves to wear on very special occasion. You may have affordability and accessibility to world’s top most fashion designers. But a very simple handmade dress with mom’s love is the ultimate joy

On that note, every story is great and there is no differing opinion on that.

But, the greatest, the most beautiful and the most impressive of all is “Promotions Decision”

This Chapter features Creative Director Anita Ahuja as Bag Lady and talks about her tote named ” I am a Plastic Bag”

So, have you read this book? If yes, were our views different?

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