Green Marketing – Product Adoption Process

Product adoption process is quite a common term used during product launch. For uninitiated, product adoption processes is the term used for the various strategies used during the initial adapting period of the new product.

In case of “Green Products”, product adoption processes plays a vital role. Almost every time when a ‘Green Product” is developed, folks need more time to adapt to that than their contemporaries. If you question, then imagine yourself driving a Toyota Prius for the first time. Now you might have got it, if at all you haven’t earlier.

Hence it is very important for a Green Marketer to create awareness and interest using product adoption process for each and every Green Product.

It can be done in 2 steps.

Step 1 or Awareness or Trial Inducing Period – Quite a simple one, offering free samples or test drives etc are some of the possibilities of the trial inducing period. It is indeed an Experiential Marketing.

Step 2 or Interest or Identify Prospects – After the successful launch of Step 1, it is important to identify the prospects who are interested in using the product. It can be done using variety of ways like adding a direct response form to the free sample or even magazine advertisement with direct response information. All these will allow the marketer to find the target market and push/pull the product to the right place.

And saving the best for the last, after having done all these, do make sure to retain the loyal customers!!!!!!



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