Makes a Statement…………

“Makes a statement”, an important lingo in Marketing! But the importance is thousand folds more in case of Green Marketing.

If a product is perceived by the customer as “Makes a statement”, then it is sure sign of product success.

The importance is so much stressed in case of green products because customers often imagine green products as something that is “added characteristic”. So, often times it loses the essence of green products in consumers mind.

A very good example to explain this will be Toyota Prius. So many hybrid cars entered and left the market. But Toyota Prius was the only one that made a mark and stayed.

What is the reason?

Even the ones who lost in the market place were equipped with fuel efficiency, controlled smog emission etc. The only difference is that all those lost ones were just made as “add-on” to an existing car model. But in case of Toyota Prius, it was built as “Eco-Car” from the scratch. This special feature made it distinctive. Hence created a notion “Makes a statement about me or proud to be driving an automobile icon of green”. The very fact was also confirmed by a recent study.

There is another example closer to home. Accessories made out of “Auto Rickshaw scrap” have got much attention lately. One of our collections has won many hearts. The reason being our “Auto Rickshaw Collection” is solely made out of scraps from Auto Rickshaw. Hence it created a notion of “Makes a Statement”




One thought on “Makes a Statement…………

  1. Love this post, because I think that it’s just so true:)
    In today’s market, you have to make a statement for commercial success (just like being green)
    I followed you’re blog, for more posts to come! (Do you mind maybe following me back? Thank you bunches! 😊)


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