Is Distribution really a simple affair?

Distribution, process of moving the finished goods from producer to seller!

Sounds simple right! But is it so in reality?

Firstly the producer has the obligation to get the right product to the right place at the right time. This is so very vital for the company to sustain.

This makes it clear that distribution requires too many evaluations.

One good evaluation will be – “Are there any ‘must be in’ channels to distribute the product?” or “Can you find ‘ignored’ channels NOT to distribute the product?”

This evaluation will help very much to streamline the distributors and move the products to market that have highest potential in terms of sales.

Another evaluation process will be to distribute the product to the target market.

This distributor calculation will help overcome 2 important problems – ‘too many stores and you cannibalize’ or ‘ too few stores and you waste money on advertising’. Needless to show, too many stores as well as very few stores does not do good any good to the company.

At this point, it should also be clear “Distribution” is not a simple affair.

On that note, if you intend to be our distributor, please kindly visit THIS PAGE

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