Retailing – Final Stop or Beginning?

Retailing is often perceived as last point in the distribution channel. But is it so in reality?

Many retailers are also wholesalers. There are certain retailers who sell products to customers as well as businesses. Then there are these small scale retailers who sell products in wholesale to freelance sales person. So, it is almost clear that Retailing is also another new beginning.

But from the producer point of view, It is very important to choose the retailer wisely.

Location – Is the retailer’s shop located at business district or shopping center or in some place that will attract consumer?

Density of Competition – Is the retailer is closely spaced to the producer’s competitor? If yes, does our product have any better edge to perform in spite of competition?

It’s just the sample of the consideration list. And the list may include many other pointers depending on the business and the product

Having said all these, do you still think retailing is a final stop?

It is indeed not. It is actually a beginning.

On that note, if you are a retailer and intend to carry our products, please kindly visit THIS PAGE

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