Magic of Army Tent

Few years ago, a famous clothing company made headlines by recycling the WWII British Military Tents into Trousers. Conserve India really salutes their innovation. Close to our ethos, we at Conserve India have started playing with army tents to create upcycled bags.

That lovely bag in our INVITE is one innovative creation created using upcycled army tent. And yes, we can hear you and you got it right. In our upcoming trade show, we will be showcasing this collection.

The most amazing feature of this material is that they bear the same durability as the tent that were created and used in the field by the soldiers. Along with their durability, they are also water resistant. Also, the color of the material (army green) gives the feel of vintage and historic flair.

On that note, please do join us from October 14 – 18 at Stall No F14/27, India Expo Centre and Mart, Greater Noida for a visual treat of these durable and sustainable innovation.


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