Time for Sari and other ethnic fabrics!!!!!!!!!!!!

Innovative Accessories created out of Sari, Textile Scraps and Ethnic fabrics have attracted many folks. This also raised many questions on those mediums.

Time to answer them!!!!!!!!

First of all, these entire base are wonderful upcycling material. It can be layered one upon the other and create a thicker textile which is idle for embroidery like kantha, embellished, saddle stitched, running stitch etc. For centuries, different tribes in India used many techniques to create beautiful fabrics. All these fabrics can also be woven. Of course, lovely patterns and designs can be recreated through simple process of weaving.

The versatility of all these fabrics is amazing and by being easy to upcycle we can trace its cradle to grave lifeline.

To close off, Creative Director Anita Ahuja says – “As a designer, I am very fond of using saris and the diverse techniques which have been developed over a period of time by traditional craftsmen. I use these techniques in designing my line of bags fusing the traditional with the contemporary. I am excited to explore more of recycling saris in my future collections too”

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