Best Associate of October 2014

Conserve India is really honored to share the name of Best Associate of October 2014 – “Mr. Dylan Barber, Food Ladder”

We like to thank Mr. Dylan Barber for his valuable contribution to Conserve India. It was such a pleasure to work with him. Look forward to associate with him very soon.

And, Mr.Barber is not a new face to our ardent blog readers. The first acquaintance happened HERE

dylan barber

Welcome Mr.Dragovich, Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, Western Union!!!!!!!

Ashoka has always been a pillar of support for us. We can never thank them enough. After all, they keep surprising us.

The latest surprise or the awesome help is – “Executive in Residence” Program

We are extremely honored to welcome and host Mr. Darren Dragovich, Vice President and Assistant General Counsel, Western Union

We were introduced to Mr. Dragovich through Ashoka’s “Executive in Residence” program.

Mr. Dragovich is working on our growth plan. He finds our products very innovative and truly creative. He has big hopes for Conserve India and is looking forward for a long term collaboration

Most importantly – He believes his wife will be happy to receive a Conserve India bag

Mr. Dragovich will spend 2 weeks of his valuable time with us. We are indeed honored to host him.

On that note, you can follow him at

Innovative Diwali Home Makeover from Conserve India – Clean and Green Collection

It is undeniable that “Home Makeover” is an inherent part of Diwali. Very true,  lot of time is spent on enhancing the beauty of home. At the same, Diwali is the time to meet and dine with friends and family, exchange gifts etc.

As much as you collect gifts, you may also end up collecting trash. After all, trash is after effect of every party

Well, Presenting Conserve India’s Innovative Clean and Green Collection.

You may choose to use this as collection bin to store all the gifts or use it as trash can.

1) Recycled Tyre Tubes Barrel


2) Handmade Recycled Plastic Bin


So, How has been your Diwali CLEAN-OVERand do you have any special love for any of Conserve India’s HOME INTERIOR RANGE  ?

Innovative Diwali Home Makeover from Conserve India – Dining Room Collection

Diwali is incomplete without Diwali Dinner, the fun and feast may sometime outshine the Diwali Lamps too.

Presenting Conserve India’s Innovative Dining Collection for that special dinner

1) Votive Holder created from recycled Tube – Will certainly set the stage and create the mood for special Diwali Dinner




2) Puzzle Place Mat created using Handmade recycled plastic – Will be an innovative and fun add-on for the dining table regardless of your participation in Diwali games



So, How has been your Diwali makeover and do you have any special love for any of Conserve India’s HOME INTERIOR RANGE  ?

Innovative Diwali Home Makeover from Conserve India – Living Room Collection

Diwali is literally here!  For uninitiated, Diwali is Festival of Lights and the biggest celebration or the festival in India. India is getting ready for this occasion with all festive enthusiasm.

One important aspect of Diwali is “Home Cleaning or Home Makeover”. In that case, we are obliged to share our hand-picked choices.

Well, Presenting Conserve India’s Innovative Diwali Home Makeover for Living Room

1) Reclaimed Wood Key Holder – Will certainly enhance the beauty of your car keys or even home keys especially if you are buying new car or new home this Diwali



2) Reclaimed Wood Paper Holder – Will be an innovative choice to hold all those lovely Diwali Greeting Cards of near and dear ones



So, How has been your Diwali makeover and do you have any special love for any of Conserve India’s HOME INTERIOR RANGE  ?

Glitz and Glamour at IHGF Autumn 2014

The glitz and glamor at IHGF Autumn 2014 was mind blowing.  The quintessential fashion show added to the extravagance. On that note, we are honored and humbled by your love and appreciation for our products. Have a look at it.

Thank you for all your love and support!!!!!!!

Heartfelt thanks to each and every one who took time to visit us at IHGF Autumn 2014. We are humbled by your love. Once again, thanks for all your support and encouragement

Thank you !

Story Time!!!!!!!!!!

Because every picture has a story to tell

Time to tell the Story!

Waste to Wealth Tour is something that is not new to our blog readers.

All those lovely guest of our USA Edition and Australian Edition joined us on behalf of Waste to Wealth Tour

Australian guest had one more special reason to participate in this trip. All those folks were teachers. Their visit was part of the training provided to the teachers by the Australian government.

Well, Conserve India was really elated to meet and greet both our Australian and USA Delegates.

Also we like to share that we had a great time. And we genuinely hope that they too did!

On that note, if you would like to participate in Waste to Wealth Tour , Please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US