Time for Kantha!!!!!!!!!!!!

Innovative Accessories created out of Kantha or the Kantha Collection have won many hearts. This also raised many questions on Kantha.

Time to answer them!!!!!!!!

First of all, this is a wonderful upcycling material. Kantha is a popular form of embroidery. Running stitch is a close associate of Kantha. Another unique thing is that the stitches give a slight wrinkled wavy effect and hence add to its beauty. It is also an ethnic Indian textile. For centuries, different tribes in India used many techniques to create beautiful fabrics. The speciality of this fabric is that the design is incorporated into the weave (like the embroidery in this particular case) instead of being printed or dyed on. Of course, lovely patterns and designs can be recreated on them through upcycling process

The versatility of all these fabrics is amazing and by being easy to up-cycle we can trace its cradle to grave lifeline.


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