Interview with Ms. Melody Murton, Deakin University – Australia!!!!!!!!!

Well, we said it is going to be Deakin Week!!!!!!!!!!

Without further ado, we present you the interview of one of the Deakin student Ms. Melody Murton, the one who visited us recently.

Conserve India –  It’s such an honor that you have chosen “Conserve India” for your visit. Tell us, what made you to choose us or what do you like about us ?

Ms. Murton – I like the holistic nature of the program that goes beyond just making products. The school, Heath care, greenhouse, environmental focus are all very impressive.

Conserve India – Now that you have visited us, does it feel any different from whatever your have heard about us or read in literature?

Ms. Murton – I had seen the products at Oxfam shop in Australia, so I was excited to see behind the process. What surprised me was that Conserve didn’t just train people to work for them, they operated as a bridge factory to deploy trained workers into other factories etc. 

Conserve India – What is that “one thing” that you will always remember about this visit?

Ms. Murton – I  enjoyed hearing about the plastic bag process. But also the walk through the slum and visit to the school was very confronting, and it really encouraged me that Conserve was actively doing something to respond to the situation of the people in the slums.

Conserve India – Some fun! Tell us in one word or one line, the very first thing that comes to your mind, when you read the following

India – Curry

Fair Trade – Bags

Poverty – India

Sustainability – Environment

Recycling –  Bottles

Eco-Friendly Accessories- Bags

Conserve India- Fantastic

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