Interview with Mr. Rob Gentle, Deakin University – Australia!!!!!!!!!

We are celebrating Deakin Week!!!!!!!!!!

Without further ado, we present you the interview of  Deakin student Mr. Rob Gentle, the one who visited us recently.

Conserve India –  It’s such an honor that you have chosen “Conserve India” for your visit. Tell us, what made you to choose us or what do you like about us ?

Mr. Gentle – I like the alternative path to fair trade approach that focuses on creating products but also attempting to solve the rubbish issue as well. It is also one of the only organizations that we have met so far that intentionally tries to work with the slum dwellers

Conserve India – Now that you have visited us, does it feel any different from whatever your have heard about us or read in literature?

Mr. Gentle – Yes, I didn’t realize how mainstream the products seem and how applicable they are to the commercial market. I thought they would look more like traditional handicrafts that would be limited to a niche market.

Conserve India – What is that “one thing” that you will always remember about this visit?

Mr. Gentle – The innovative use of Leather, Denim Brand labels on stools, poofs etc. and the process and design of reusing plastic bags.

Conserve India – Some fun! Tell us in one word or one line, the very first thing that comes to your mind, when you read the following

India – Poverty

Fair Trade – Development

Poverty – Youth

Sustainability – Economics

Recycling –  Plastic Bags

Eco-Friendly Accessories- Conserve India

Conserve India- Eco-Friendly Accessories

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