Special Mention about Deakin University – Australia!!!!!!!!!

Well, its time to wrap up the Deakin Week celebration!!!!!!!!!!

Without further ado, we present you the special part of the interview of the Deakin students Ms. Melody Murton & Mr. Rob Gentle, the folks who visited us recently.

Conserve India –  We happened to read a lot about “Sustainability at Deakin”. Quite Impressive! So,tell us out of those 7 domains ( bio-diversity, education for sustainability, energy & green house gas emissions, sustainable built environment, sustainable transport, water & recycling, and water and stormwater), which one do your students prefer the most and any reasoning behind that ?

Ms. Murton & Mr. Gentle – We think that sustainably built environments is a key area of concern for Deakin students. Staples (stationery company that sponsored our trip) is helping Deakin to have a significantly better environmental response as a university. Also transport is a big issue in Melbourne and many students are finding ways to travel to campus using environmentally friendly means (public transport, cycling, car pooling).  

Conserve India – Will Deakin students would like to visit us in future ? And if yes, do you think, will
they take home any learning and practice it there ?

Ms. Murton & Mr. Gentle – We are hoping that this trip will be an annual event so it is hoped that more Deakin  students will visit Conserve! We hope to bring back knowledge to better promote fair trade, but also an awareness of the processes used to potentially create similar enterprises in the future. 

Special Note from Conserve India – These questions were raised to the Deakin University students during the interview. As soon as these questions were raised, both the students echoed the same views. This made us think that it is the success of Deakin University’s teachings. Hence we decided to give a special place for this part of the Interview. Hats off Deakin!!!!!!!

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