This may sound weird or out of place in this blog.

But as they change is inevitable.

Change can be something entirely new. Change can also be some add on that is entirely different to original.

Having said that, we all know, Opposites compliment well.

But there are times, we may think they are opposites or contrast. Then when you look at the reality, you will get to see that “fine thread of similarity” that holds these “so called different genres/ folks together”.

On that note, we can read your minds.

And yes, you guessed it right.

Food Ladder India is nothing but a “Hydroponic Vegetables” project.

For the uninitiated, “Hydroponic” means growing without soil. All the required nutrients are dissolved in water and fed directly to the roots. Hence allowing to reap the produce.

And yes, some of you may find “food project” as something completely different or even weird to the “high end fashion bags of Conserve India”

But you know “Innovation”, “Social Entrepreneurship” and “Eco-Entrepreneurship” are some of the threads that will hold these two (Food Project & High End Fashion) together.

On an ending note, We enjoyed every minute of this food project until now. And really excited for the future!!!!!!!


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