Most views Year 2014 !!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been almost 1 year of blogging. There were many highs and appreciation. We are honoured as well as humbled.

Time to take a trip down the memory lane!

For the past 3 days, we posted the “Top 3 Blog Post (written by the author of this blog), Guest Post & Giveaways of Year 2014”

All this while, it was “Top Post”.

But the surprising fact is that highest numbers of views were fetched by “Pages”. On an average, it was 10% higher than the “post views”.

If you take the big picture, the top 3 spots of highest number of views were fetched by “Pages”. Only the next following spots were grabbed by “Post”

Presenting the “Most views of Year 2014”

The very first page to get highest number of views – “About us – 88317 views”

It was followed by – “Distributors – 88238 views”

The final spot of Top 3 was grabbed by – “Newsletter – 88227 views”

Thank you to each and every one of you who made this possible. Thanks a million

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