Congratulations GEPA!!!!!!!!!!

Well, we have been posting lovely pictures under the title GEPA ( GEPA PART 1 & GEPA PART 2 ) for past 2 days.

Few of our readers are clueless and it is apparent from the questions we get

All those pictures were part of “Creating the Installation named Basket”

Basket is one of our old installations. And we did talk about it a lot during our Nehru Centre Art Exhibition in London

If you are interested in re-visiting the idea behind the BASKET installation, then you can do it HERE

You may wonder – what GEPA is or what is the connection between GEPA and Basket Installation?

We hear you!

GEPA is one of our most loyal customers based in Germany. GEPA also has a long list of loyal customers. After all, they are celebrating the “50 Golden Years”

We are extremely honoured to share that “Basket Installation will displayed during the 50 golden years celebration of GEPA – Germany”

Congratulations GEPA for 50 successful years! And we are humbled by your love for including our Basket Installation in your 50 years celebration