Sneak Peak of Spring Fair International 2015 Collection!!!!!!!

As Spring started smiling with its sunshine, we have created our collection based on those ideologies.

Basic theme of our collection is going to be – Florals with Happy Colors. Our collection will per-dominantly feature sunshine colors, the ones that make you smile and keep you cheerful. These shades will bring joy and dance in front of you.

When you hold them in your arms, they will make you come alive. It will make you forget the cold winter, the morbid atmosphere. Time to dress up yourself in these lovely shades of ocean blue and beach sand!

Another interesting theme about this collection is going to be the material. This time, it will be upcycled bags with different materials converging into one design. Say for example, we have got tyre tube with seatbelt and felt. We have also tried truck canvas with our own signature handmade recycled plastic.

So, we are all excited and worked our creative muscles. Now, it’s your turn to come and encourage us.

Do join us from February 1 – February 5 ‘2015 at National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham at Booth No 5H535E

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